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Making Faces on the Subway

Why shouldn’t giant pieces of technology be able to smile at you?

Wherein a cardboard box is more like a garden than a skyscraper

Took a long time to grasp this: Playful is not as related to Play as it may seem and is also distinct from game. The key to playfulness is emergence.

Petting Your Password

Security can be a real drag. What if your passwords were way more playful like your pets?

On Doodling: Software with Margins?

Doodling might just be way more essential to productivity than we realize.

Technologies of the Imagination: Aliefs and Fantasy Play

The amazing links between imagination, reality, and the technologies of play. Plus the amazing idea of an “alief.”

Pal Mickey & Creating Experiences with the New Media of Context Aware Toys

What’s the next big media empire? Maybe it’s really tricked out toys.

Hey, boys and girls, let’s all play with our data!

Your life’s data might be the most important game you ever play.

Encouraging Playful Touch

Turns out that touch is really important to human relationships. But most toys, games, and play technologies don’t encourage people to play socially or touch each other. So let’s get touchy-feely with some brand new toys.

Silver Screen Sweetness

Movies are amazing. Movie theaters — not so much. What if the social experience of watching a movie together in a theater was reinvented and way more fun?

Playing the Game of (Your) Life

Jessie Schell paints a picture of the future of gameplay. With ever more affordable sensor and communication technologies, one day brushing your teeth might become your favorite online game.

Information Fun Houses for Museums, Demonstrations, and Tours

Fun houses aren’t only for amusement parks.

Massively Multi-User (Playful) Interfaces

Ever do “The Wave” at a Stadium? Ever think of it as the biggest multi-player game you’ve ever played?

Taking Your Emotional Vitamins: Recommended Daily Allowance of Play

Play brings out all kinds of emotions, both “positive” and “negative.” Experiencing them all with new play technologies might make us healthier and lead to new ways to play too.

Play, Comic Strips, and Enhancing Gesture-Based Human Computer Interfaces

When’s the last time you made faces at somebody? How about at a computer screen? No? Try it. You might like it.

The Digital Sandbox: Playful Information Interaction

Playing around with piles of sand isn’t all that different than working with piles of information.

Rituals as Creative Play for Adults + Playful Ritual Objects

Is ritual a form of play for adults? Most rituals involve special — even sacred — objects. What would happen if we made those object a whole lot smarter?

Playful Technologies for Urban Economic Development

Parks and public art make urban spaces livable and can promote economic development. Could places where you can totally goof off accomplish even more?

New York Times: Taking Play Seriously

Come on, people. We’re not kidding around here. Play is a big deal for a whole lot of reasons.