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Help us with a fun Playful Technology study for the Fidget Widgets research project

We are Mike Karlesky and Kacie Kinzer from the Game Innovation Lab at NYU. We are conducting a research study on the objects people fiddle with while at work and how they fiddle with them. This study is in support of a project called Fidget Widgets.

What object(s) do you play with while you work? How do you fiddle with them in your hand? What are they made of? What do you enjoy about them and how they feel? Do they have special meaning to you? When do you play with them?

Please consider submitting a video or photo and a bit of text for our study. See our Video page for help on simple options to capture video.

You can review our About page and Consent page for full details before submitting.

Go here to participate: http://fidgetwidgets.tumblr.com

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